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Theater Performer

An extensively trained and experienced theater performer, Christopher Yates is also the script writer and lead actor for outdoor theater company GAIT PRODUCTIONS.

Gait Productions is a leading outdoor stilt/puppetry company currently based in New Zealand.

Their latest production "URBAN SAFARI" is the "cirque du soleil" of outdoor theater, and without doubt one of the best outdoor performance pieces in the world right now.

URBAN SAFARI is the engaging story of the mild mannered "Cantilerper" and the voracious "Kennelpig", wonderous native species previously thought extinct for thousands of years before being rediscovered by Dr. Wes on a hunting expedition deep in the antipodean urban bush of Aotearoa or New Zealand.

Urban Safari: Dr Wes with new animal

Urban Safari is everything that good theater should be. It is highly visual, comical, serious, interactive, educational, and totally unique, It has a believeable story, reaches all ages, and is very entertaining.

Urban Safari has toured extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, Venezuela, and the United Kingdom. (It can be performed in English, German, and Spanish). Negotiations are currently underway to bring this incredible, unique, theater experience to the U.S.

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