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Roving/Walkabout Entertainer

Rusty on stilts with a friend Roving/Walkabout performances include a variety of unique, interactive, highly visual characters and images, many of which are totally original and have not been available, or seen before anywhere in the United States. This style of performance adds unforgettable carnival color, humor and feel to any festival or event making it a Happening. All roving acts appeal to all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Woody McCloud: as in "head in the ...." or Kilts on Stilts, the ten foot tall Scottsman. A hugely successful comic character, popular with all ages at all events. As seen at a diverse array of United States and international events. "Ah've walked all the way from the highland ya noo laddie." His running litany of Scot's humor and visual absurdity will have you in stitches... if you can understand what he's saying. Perfect for Scottish highland games, Renaissance faires and Celtic events.

See more of Rusty's performances on YouTube. Click Here.

Other stilt characters include football, basketball, medieval, Americana, Dickens, and cowboy characters. All terrific as "meet and greet" acts, inviting the audience into your event.

Half Bike Deliveries: Have your parcels delivered by this unique unicycle comic courier. Twice as fast as the competition. With half a helmet, half a radio, and, of course, half a bike, those important deliveries are made in half the time. With your parcel delivery, the courier also tries to deliver a growing plant. Watch with hilarity as this courier's consternation rises when he can't find the recipient of that plant... as the plant grows larger and Larger and LARGER!!!

Auntie Margeret, The Pixie: A puppet concept like no other that all ages will adore. Only three feet tall but carrying all her worldly goods upon her shoulders, she has nomadically walked for days just to attend your fabulous event. A unique, interactive, family performance.

Ask about other roving characters available:

Rusty O'Flattery:The Irish one (complete with authentic red hair) featuring spectacular roving juggling displays and pocket magic.

Basil Fawlty:Everybody knows Basil - a roving favourite... just don't mention the war.