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All telegram performances feature a recognizable character delivering a hilarious, unique, entertaining act, through comic banter or song. The character leaves a copy of the significant personalized message and appropriate gift. While interacting with the audience allowing all to feel they are part of the Happening.

frankenfurterRocky Horror telegram:Frank-n-Furter "damn it", as per Richard O'Brien's "Rocky Horror Picture Show". Just don't get strung out by the way he looks! Frankie, in stockings and suspenders, is a right little treasure. The most popular telegram performance available. Fabulous impact for all occasions male or female, friend or foe. Time Warp yourself silly.

Romero Zucchini: A greasy but suave Mediterranean type. Resplendent in a dinner suit with greasy hair, five o'clock shadow, bad accent and tricks besides. An hilariously greasy but magic performance featuring "willy" (the worm) and Romero's zucchini.

Basil FawltyBasil Fawlty Telegram: Just don't mention the war. As per the popular BBC television series. Basil can't find his wife Sybil and Manuel is no help because "he's from Barcelona". Watch as the telegram recipient becomes Sybil for the duration of the performance, "thank you dear, I can cope". A unique, top class performance delivered in a way only Basil can... just watch for Manuel's rat.

Steve MonFarve:The ultimate "sports" telegram. "Now here's a guy..." who is the utlimate football and sports guy. Like he's just run in off the field. Pads, helmet, ball and a Bud, Steve shows his balls (odd shaped), gaining yards to punt any telegram recipient out of bounds. A hilarious unique sports performance for the fit and the couch potatoes.

Classic Singing Telegram: The orchestra conductor, resplendent with baton, music stand and guitar, he's serious about his music and romantically serenading the recipient. Highly entertaining with comical musical banter.

Also consider other telegram performances available:

  • Dizzy Acheborne - Rock Star
  • The Crocodile Hunter - Steve Irwin
  • Crocodile Dundee - "That's not a knife...."
  • Lambton the Butler - Debonaire British Gent